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Constitution Under Attack in California—Again


 The outrage over Prop 8’s passage in California has yet to subside and the constitution has already been defiled again in that state—this time in Rancho Cucamonga, where city officials requested the removal of a billboard reading “Imagine No Religion” because it offended some residents.

 The city acted after it received dozens of phone calls from fragile believers who apparently are not mentally or emotionally equipped to imagine no religion—hence they are believers. Sign company General Outdoor showed its cowardice by dutifully removing the sign, which was paid for by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

This is evidence to me that religion is an issue we’ve made almost no progress on in this country. The message on the billboard that people found so offensive of course was inspired by John Lennon’s Imagine, which was recorded in 1971. The conversations about race, gender and sexuality in this country have advanced far beyond where they were in 1971. Only religion is mired in the tired old arguments of four decades ago, four centuries ago. The censorship of a message of hope reveals we remain hopelessly deadlocked.